June 2020

Beach Photography Questions and Answers


Beach Photography Ideas Nothing Beats All white on the Beach. White dresses, white polo shirts and white linen all look simple and beautiful against the colors of the sand, water and sky at the beach. This works because the bright white pops off the colorful background, serves as an added light reflector and has a clean and timeless look. What should you not wear to

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February 2020

Peter Coulson Photographer – Legend


    Peter Coulson Photographer   The world has a host of great photographers, no doubt. But photographers like Peter Coulson are indeed rare! The simple way he puts his subjects at ease is truly amazing. His laid back conversational approach definitely brings out his models confidence, therefore producing picture perfect results. While he is not affiliated with our site, I am in awe of

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January 2020

Freelance Modeling


      Freelance Modeling What is Freelance Modeling? Freelance modeling is a work which is done independently. It is also done without the help of an agency. It’s a work in which you are the owner of your work. You are responsible of your work. You get your own clients. Better job for? Most of us people complain of no job freedom. We also

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Camera Basics tips for photography


Camera Basics You should learn camera basics and start using it. What is a camera? A camera is a light sensitive device which is used to capture images. It also records moving images. Camera uses lens to auto focus image and capture it. It is light sensitive device which captures images in light. It works like a human eye. As humans we see any object

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Beginner Photography Mistakes


        Beginner Photography Mistakes Definition of Photography The art of capturing images by using different kinds of light, or optical sensors etc. Photography Mistakes None of us are perfect. All human beings can make mistakes. Professional photographers have the talent to produce amazing work. But all of us are the human who can make mistakes in our professional and daily life. The

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Lens Comparison Tips


Lens Comparison Lens comparison tool leases you easily view the provisions of two or more lenses. Select the glasses from the list of the left, and then press associate. The results will be exhibited in a new window, so please make sure that you momentarily disable any popup blockers that you may obligate. Shooting in excess of stand-up, presented by lasers and using high-end camera

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Light Painting Photography


    Light painting photography is a technique in which photographers use different light and paint techniques, such as flashlight, spotlight etc. Light and painting techniques can enhance photographs in Light Panting Photography. Many photographers use this type of technique but everyone is not the master in this. Following are some best ideas which will help you in creating perfect Light Painting Photography: How it

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Photography Ideas for Portrait Photography


  What is Portrait Photography? Portrait camerawork is all about people. How to show them at their best is a task. Either for business head shots or arranging a dozen family members for a group image. That's why We've written about 10 Best Portrait Photography Ideas for you. Portrait photography in photography is a photo of an individual or gathering of individuals that catches the

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Amazon Product Photography Different than E-commerce


  Amazon Product Photography Different than E-commerce Amazon is an American multinational talented company. It works and sustenance on e-commerce, cloud calculating, digital services, and artificial intelligence. It is measured one of the Big Four tech companies, nearby with Google, Apple, and Facebook.   Amazon is known for its disturbance of firm industries through hi-tech invention and mass gage. It is the world's biggest online

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      5 SIMPLE PHOTO COMPOSITIONS TIPS TO IMPROVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY   In place of photographers and artists, we all hit creative partitions. We work hard to improve our skills; we learn new things and then it appears we hit a wall. Occasionally I think we over muddy problems like this, searching for some enchanted trick that will give us the creative standpoint we

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