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Beginner Photography Mistakes

Definition of Photography

The art of capturing images by using different kinds of light, or optical sensors etc.

Photography Mistakes

None of us are perfect. All human beings can make mistakes. Professional photographers have the talent to produce amazing work. But all of us are the human who can make mistakes in our professional and daily life. The chance of mistakes increases when you are a beginner in any profession. So don’t worry. In the field of photography there are some professional photographers who still make mistakes. There may be many mistakes when photographer is unaware of rules of photography, such as a beginner. We will explain some of common mistakes which are done by beginners of photography. You have to learn photography techniques to avoid mistakes :

Center the image

This type of mistake starts when you take image half up and half down. I mean when you try to center everything in the image. Your audience should understand that in which part of the image you want them to focus. If a photographer fails in attracting people to the main idea of the image. He fails in sending his message through his photography.

He must act on these rules to avoid this kind of mistake.

  • Horizon line must be in one third part of image.
  • Two third part of the image must be the focus area.
  • It is up to you on which side you want one third part and two third part (up or down).

Cutting parts of subject or focus area.

When we see some images where the focus area is cut. This type of mistake is done by beginners of photography. It looks, well bad. When the image is viewed he notices “Why this area is cut?” So it doesn’t attract anyone but creates confusion. For example:

  • Cutting feet of a subject in image
  • Cutting head of a subject in image.
  • Cutting the parts of a subject man while in group.
  • Missing of trees upper branches
  • Missing of dome while taking photo of church or mosque.

When taking photos consider the following :

  • When you take a photo, make sure everything is showing in the frame.
  • It’s up to you what subject you want to show or cut during photography.

Only those things keep in the frame which have any reason.


Only best camera is enough?

Many beginners think that they will buy the best camera and the best photography will be done. But that’s not truth. By purchasing the best camera, it will not take the best photos automatically. Beginner photographers say that they have bought the best camera but their photographs are still not attractive? They must realize that only purchasing the best camera is not enough. There are some rules a beginner must learn to avoid mistakes. When you see some of the best photos, you realize that the photographer has learned photography techniques.


Don’t consider orientation

Some beginners of photography don’t consider orientation. They don’t have the sense of orientation. In which situations they have to use landscape or portrait mode, they must learn. According to the situation and the environment they have to learn photography orientation techniques.

You must try the camera in both vertically and horizontally to see how the image is looking.




Blurry image

When beginner photographers take photo. They see that it’s blurry. They don’t understand what it’s happening? It may be due to slow shutter speed. The image would not be blurry if you use:

Shutter speed= equal to focal length of lensx0.5

You must pay attention to focal length if you are using zoom lens.


Begiiner Photography Mistakes


Don’t consider exposure

When you take raw photos but you don’t consider exposure. It may be two types of image:

Too bright: If  images are too bright, then details of image will be lost. During adjustment the adjustments of too bright raw image shadows will be hidden. So the focus are you want to show to audience will be lost. So beginners must learn photography rules of exposure.

Too dark: When raw image taken by beginner photographer it is too dark. When adjustment on this type of image is applied, some details will be shown rough and dull.

Don’t consider pose of subject

When beginner photographers take photos they must consider pose of the subject. Keep in mind photograph will be known by the name of photographer. It’s the responsibility of photographer to demonstrate the pose to the subject. The pose techniques can be seen online. So a good photographer must consider all these thing which are best for his photography.


Distracting elements in background

When the beginner photographer takes a photo they don’t consider many things shown in background. It may be a large tree passing behind the neck of the subject or focus area. It may attract one or more things to the audience and the focus area be distributed in two or more parts. Beginner photographers must pay attention to distracting elements in the background. If possible, then remove it or choose any other background.


Overdone or useless adjustments

When a beginner photographer take raw images. He applies some adjustments. These adjustments are hue and saturation. When beginners apply adjustment and the adjustment is too much. Its details and shadows may be lost. It may create unrealistic image. To avoid this type of mistake. Don’t make many adjustments which alter your real image into unrealistic image.


Not interesting

A mistake which is done by beginner photographers is that the image is not interesting. It doesn’t convey its message. When there are a lot of things in the photo which don’t create interest. The image has a lot of things that are useless. They have no message or reason in the image. Choose carefully.

Tips:  Photographs are the result of photographer’s skills. So you must learn photography techniques to become more efficient photographer.

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